Hi there!

I'm Alex, thanks for checking out my site. I'm not too sure what will become of this space but for now it's a place to put blog posts, musings and provide information about me if anyone happens to be looking for it.

The following links may be interesting to you but if you're just wanting to get in touch it's best to email me at hello@alexbh.dev.


Day to day I work at cLabs on Celo ecosystem. It's incredibly fulfilling to work on financial inclusion for all while also exploring an exciting problem domain.

I also do a bit of consulting on the side for other (not necessarily only blockchain) projects via my company Violet Labs. I can touch all areas of the stack with relative proficiency (infrastructure, backend, frontend) once I have a few days to get back into the flow of things. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in collaborating.

Side projects

One positive thing to come out of 2020 and COVID-19 has been the time for me to start side projects. Weekends and nights throughout 2020 have given me enough time to launch the following products and build up some marketing and product skills:

  • Portabella, privacy friendly project management
  • Block Hooks, event listeners for the Celo blockchainRETIRED
  • Just Launched, startup index with one featured product a daySOLD
  • How to X with Y, engineering questions, answeredRETIRED
  • Help Jar, Give a little back as you grow your businessRETIRED


2021-02-15Why I'm working on Help Jar, a platform for charitable giving

![Help Jar landing page screenshot](/help-jar.png) [Help Jar](https://helpjar.org) is my latest idea for a micro SaaS that really does something good for the world. I'm incredibly excited to be work...

2021-01-27Using Next.js to create a browser extension (Chrome & Firefox)

If you've been following my journey lately you'll have seen I'm all in on Next.js. I find it so flexible and easy to use for 99% of use cases, it's my go-to for new projects and I've even migrated so...

2021-01-03Shared components in a Lerna / TypeScript / Next.js project

[[toc]] As you may have seen from my last post I'm migrating things to Next.js and keep running into little issues, so I've decided to blog about them here. The newest issue I've run into has been s...

2020-12-31Table of Contents in a Next.js blog

I recently settled on [Next.js](https://nextjs.org/) as my static site generator of choice. I've only been doing frontend development for around a year, so when you think of someone who learned by do...

2020-12-30Elastic Beanstalk deployments with Lerna

AWS's Elastic Beanstalk is a great platform for quickly spinning up apps in a reproducible manner. It's definitely not without its quirks and if you have infrastructure already in place for rolling D...